Ever thought that you could make it to university if only you could afford it?

- You know what course you would like to do.?

- Maybe you qualify for a Centrelink allowance, but just need a little more?

- Maybe you need some post-graduate funding?

- Maybe you would benefit from external experiential learning?


The Cowan Grant is a private, non-government fund which gives some support to students in just these circumstances.


The Cowan Grant Trust was established by Marnie Cowan and her son Bob in 1994. She and her husband Bill believed strongly in the benefits of tertiary education and wanted to help students financially. The Trust's continuing aim is to help financially stressed tertiary students. The Trust is administered by 4 trustees; members of the Cowan family.

Since starting, the Trust has helped around 1200 students and given over $ 2,500,000.


                                                        BILL COWAN - came from a humble background in Dunedin New Zealand. He struggled financially to attend university, and graduated MA (NZ) and BA (Hons) London. He was a gifted linguist and scholar of the Classics, Latin, Greek and English, and won many prizes and scholarships. He was librarian of the Adelaide University's Barr Smith Library for 32 years. He was somewhat of a perfectionist, setting very high standards.

Bill lived very frugally, and died in 1984.

MARNIE COWAN - was born in New Zealand, and graduated from the University of Otago BA in French, English and History. She was a sportswoman, a competent pianist, and a leader. She married Bill Cowan in 1932 and settled in Adelaide, raising 3 children. After they left home she returned to teaching at Presbyterian Girls College, now Seymour College. She became Chief of Staff under Principal Ellen Christensen. When husband Bill died, she retired to Magill, donated generously to charity, and established the Cowan Grant Trust in 1994. She was good company, well read, and had a great sense of humour. Marnie died in 1995.

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